WALS Foundation



T he Wheeling Academy of Law and Science Foundation (WALS Foundation) is a non-profit corporation established in 2004 to promote educational programming and consulting in the areas of education, employment, energy, and the environment; and, in doing so, to promote local economic opportunity, employment, and job creation in the city of Wheeling and state of West Virginia.


The WALS Foundation is based out of the historic First State Capitol of West Virginia. This building served as the first state capitol of West Virginia from the inception of the state on June 20, 1863 to April 1, 1870, and also from May 23, 1875 to December 4, 1876. The building is located on the corner of 15th and Eoff in Wheeling, WV. Read More»

Educational Programs

The WALS Foundation offers continuing education courses for lawyers (CLEs) and the equivalent for other professionals. WALS also offers educational workshops and presentations on issues of employment, the environment, education, and other areas of community concern. The WALS Foundation also offers free guided tours featuring the historical and constitutional significance of The First State Capitol, of interest to students of all ages. Read More»

The WALS Foundation can customize educational offerings for private or governmental entities. To request a date and arrange a customized educational offering, contact us at 304.232.8100.

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