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To download the Mock Trial Program Fifth Grade Teacher's Manual in its entirety, use the download link below. If you are looking for a particular page, you can find a download link for each page below as well.

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The entire Mock Trial Teacher's Manual in PDF form.

Table of Contents (Individual Pages by Section)

Tab 1 - Teacher Information

Download Tab 1

Tab 2 - Other Role Instructions and Notes

Download Tab 2

Tab 3 - Additional Information

Download Tab 3

Attachment 1 - Student Activities and Handouts

Download Attachment 1

Attachment 2 - Lawyer/Judge Packet

Download Attachment 2

Attachment 3 - Script and Verdict Form

Download Attachment 3

Additional Scripts

Elementary Level

State Vs. Cinderella (Littering)

Full Packet

Snow White Vs. the Evil Queen (Crystal Meth)

Full Packet

Hansel and Gretel Vs. Candy Houser (Crystal Meth)

Full Packet

State Vs. Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Wolfe

Full Packet

Secondary Level

State Vs. Jack Smith (Kidnapping)

Full Packet

State Vs. Jack Smith (Crystal Meth DUI)

Full Packet

State Vs. Jack Smith (Crystal Meth DUI, Possession, Contributing)

Full Packet

Rita Jones vs. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Sr. AND John Smith, Jr. (individuals) and ONLINE PHARMACY, INC. (a corportion) (RX Drug Abuse)

Full Packet

State vs. Charles Hass AND Jennifer Bumphrey (RX Drug Abuse)

Full Packet

High School Level

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