W als offers a variety of services to local businesses and individuals. Click the links on the menu to learn more about each of the services listed below.


The WALS Foundation offers continuing legal education courses (CLEs) and the equivalent for other professionals. WALS also offers educational workshops and presentations on issues of employment, the environment, education, and other areas of community concern. WALS can also customize its educational offerings. Register on our mailing list to stay updated with CLEs or other courses. To request a date and arrange a customized educational offering, contact us at 304.232.8180. Read More»


The WALS Foundation likes to consider itself a "Development Agency," but rather than a "bricks and mortar" developer, WALS promotes the "development" of the individual or small business person. In that role, WALS has mentored, and/or supported new small business start–ups in the local area, as well as individuals, professionals, artists, playwrights, and musicians in promoting their own local businesses, and honing their skills through educational offerings. If you own or plan to start your own local business, or want to get acquainted with others working in your profession or craft, WALS may be able to help in the areas of education, netowrking, business advice, and professional consulting. For more information, contact Kera Holmes at 304–232–8180.


The WALS Foundation is about connecting and promoting people who are developing new ideas to the community—with a particular interest in ideas that will help develop projects and businesses that enrich the city’s business, educational and cultural resources. Fund Raisers and other Events are scheduled to introduce artists, innovators, or new businesses to the community in an effort to support their work. Read More»

WALS Commentaries

Complete digitized copies of all issues of the WALS Commentaries published to date in order of publication date. Several of the more popular columns have been isolated from the complete issues by topic for ease of reviewing, as have been all the chapters of our short story, La Cerca, which has been serialized over the last five years. Read More»

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